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Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is housed in the Soho Factory in the Praga district. It is an exhibition of neon signs (between the 1950s and 1980s) that once lit up Warsaw, adding brightness to the grey socialist period.


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After a long walk (it felt long because of the heat!) over the bridge from the old town, I reached the area of Praga. St. Florian’s Cathedral (Katedra Świętego Michała Archanioła i Świętego Floriana) was the first building I spotted, built in 1902, it was destroyed in 1944, and then rebuilt – finally restored by 1972.

As evident from the poor maintenance of a lot of the old buildings, Praga felt like a poor area of Warsaw. It is known to have a bad reputation in the city, although I didn’t visit here at night, so I can’t judge on that…

Pre-war buildings that survived the Seige of Warsaw.

Some interesting looking buildings across the rail tracks at the Warszawa Wilenska station.

Koneser Vodka Factory

Soho Factory

On the street leading up to the Soho Factory (which houses the Neon Museum), called Minska, the quietness of the area made it feel kind of eery.

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