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Danish elderflower juice

Cute design for this lovely elderflower juice


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København, Copenhagen

In August I visited Copenhagen, place of bicycles, pastries, blondes, and 6€ sandwiches. The high quality of life was evident nearly everywhere, aside from the surprising sight of a group of people who had been sleeping out on a large patch of grass in front of a Nørrebro housing estate. Although the prices of public transport and eating & drinking is higher than even in London, higher wages (and free education/healthcare) make up for this! Lots of young people dress stylishly & excitingly here, even the charity shop window displays looked ‘designed’. Wandering through the streets as well as a visit to the Dansk Design Center, Copenhagen felt like a very inspirational place to be!

The view of the islands of Denmark on the flight from Berlin.

Buckwheat porridge at Grød on Jægersborgsgade, served with skyr jogurt, red currants & pumpkin seeds. Grød specialises in porridge in the mornings, with regular oats also offered. It provides a fresh-feeling healthy break from pastry (although wienerbrød is delicious – warm from the oven & bigger than its cinnamon whirls/Danish cousins abroad).

The entrance to Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park where apparently Walt Disney took inspiration from to create his own theme parks.

Nyhavn felt like one of the most touristy parts of Copenhagen. The colourful buildings lining the harbour makes it a visually pleasing place to visit, but the eating & drinking place maybe not so pleasing on the wallet!

The Lakes, Søerne

The scene at the bridge, Dronning Louises Bro, looked beautiful with the rising morning mist.

Nørrebro is home to the hostel I stayed in. It’s also home to vegetarian Cafe N, where I ate perhaps the most healthiest veggie burgers & fries ever! The fries being root vegetables of various kinds, and the burger bun, wholemeal and small enough for the taste of the burger to stand out. Although in this case, I felt the vegetable fries really did steal the show!


Kongens have

All the Copenhagen teenagers seem to congregate here every summer afternoon, accompanied by loud music & cans of Tuborg.

Rosenberg Slot

Botanical gardens

Christianshavn: colourfully residential & home to Christiania, colourful, but for different reasons…

Vesterbro is an area I only got to on the last day after visiting the Carlsberg visitor centre. As I didn’t get to explore this area properly, this would definitely be at the top of my list if I get the chance to return to Copenhagen again soon (which I would very much like to)!

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