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Anthony McCall, ‘Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture’

Anthony McCall has created these light installations at the Hamburger Bahnhof which transform from transparent waves of light to solid prisms. When I entered the pitch-black room, these tall prims of light subtly make their presence aware. Although the top halves of the prims looks solid & defined, at their bases, they are fluid and curvy.

Although an interactive and tactile experience, when photographed, the light installations are removed from their original context and created into something more mysterious & spacey – especially in the photo below! It also reminds me of all the experimental photography & film-making straight out of the Bauhaus school.


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Wohnen in Berlin

Last August I moved to Berlin. I always said I wanted to buy a one-way ticket to Berlin as soon as I graduated, and that’s what I did.

Mauerpark karaoke

A feta cheese  & spinach filled bread available from many of the Turkish bakeries

Waving from the socialist walls of Karl-Marx-Allee

White Trash, big fizz


Hertha BSC vs. Bayer Leverkusen

Templehof Flughafen

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Deep down in the southern Berlin suburb of Britz

Houses in Berlin!


Amongst the paintbox-coloured terraced houses, lies a UNESCO World Heritage site of Bruno Taut & Martin Wagner’s Hufeisensiedlung, a horse shoe-shaped housing estate.

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Named after the architect who created the project, Walter Gropius, in 1960, the huge housing estate called Gropiusstadtstarted its first few decades of existance in the steely glare of the Berlin Wall. Its location is in the southern part of the Neukölln borough, bordering with the neighboroughing state of Brandenberg and leafy Britz to the north, which is home to Bruno Taut & Martin Wagner’s Hufeisensiedlung (the horseshoe-shaped housing estate).

This place felt very different to other parts of Berlin, it feels like there’s an apocalyptic atmosphere brewing due to its isolation from the rest of the city. There’s an uneasy silence with that knowing feeling that somebody is watching you as you walk beneath the shadows of the blocks.

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Once being East Germany’s only theme park, Spreepark, ran into financial difficulties in the late 1990s, which resulted in the closure of the park in 2001. Although this abandoned treasure trove of plastic dinosaurs & creaky rides was sealed off to the public for many years after its closure, this ghost park became an attraction in its own right, with the more adventurous sneaking through the gaps in the fence to gaze in awe at a piece of Berlin that was left behind in the 90s.

In 2011, Spreepark reopened for guided tours along with the park’s train (an East German noisy smelly petrol guzzler no doubt).

The plan of the park.

The first of a few plastic dinosaurs lurking about.

At one point, the train chugs across a swamp – hopefully this wasn’t an original feature of the park!

These creepy rides, which look like a face with a moustache from the front, were left dotted about on the track.

A sure highlight of the park…

The ferris wheel at dusk.

Planterwäld s-bahn station

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