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A sunny stay in the Netherlands

Den Haag

A month ago I visited a friend in the Hague, the weather was hot & sunny, perfect for a trip to the beach to Scheveningen!


Rotterdam is home to modern glassy architecture, with wide streets and huge arty museums.

Sonneveld House

This house was designed by Albertus Sonneveld for the architect  and his family, where they moved into when it was built in 1933. There are some quirky features about the house, such as the small fold-down tray outside the master bedroom, which was installed there for the maid to lay the tray of tea & coffee in the mornings.

All the high-rises can make the city feel a bit impersonal, and it was so quiet in parts, which makes you notice how spread-out it feels.


A lovely old town in between the Hague & Amsterdam, it has the Netherlands’ second largest old town after the capital, but without the tacky red-light district! A lot of the streets appear quite similar, so it could be quite easy to walk around in circles, but its definitely an enjoyable experience wandering around the pretty quaint buildings!


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Deep down in the southern Berlin suburb of Britz

Houses in Berlin!


Amongst the paintbox-coloured terraced houses, lies a UNESCO World Heritage site of Bruno Taut & Martin Wagner’s Hufeisensiedlung, a horse shoe-shaped housing estate.

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Named after the architect who created the project, Walter Gropius, in 1960, the huge housing estate called Gropiusstadtstarted its first few decades of existance in the steely glare of the Berlin Wall. Its location is in the southern part of the Neukölln borough, bordering with the neighboroughing state of Brandenberg and leafy Britz to the north, which is home to Bruno Taut & Martin Wagner’s Hufeisensiedlung (the horseshoe-shaped housing estate).

This place felt very different to other parts of Berlin, it feels like there’s an apocalyptic atmosphere brewing due to its isolation from the rest of the city. There’s an uneasy silence with that knowing feeling that somebody is watching you as you walk beneath the shadows of the blocks.

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Rhythm final outcome: Plattenbau flatpack

I used a condensed version of Futura, as street signs in eastern Germany have narrow typefaces. I remember from Eye magazine a few issues back, that the condensed forms were used to accommodate the long names of Socialist leaders!

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Plattenbau rhythm

Last Friday, I had an epiphany about my Rhythm project!

I have produced a set of prints featuring the surface pattern of plattenbau in Dresden (now an Ibis hotel). These prints can then be arranged on the wall to create a repetitive pattern… wall art… mauer kunst?

I then had to consider how to package them – I found that the box I receive my weekly Graze deliveries in came in handy!

I will cover up the surface with the title of it (perhaps, I love plattenbau? / Ich leibe plattenbau?), a photograph of the actual building and a photograph of how to use the prints.

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