The stoney, socialist walls of Warsaw

A reminder of Warsaw’s not so distant past stands high on the skyline. The Palace of Culture and Science, built between 1952 and 1955, as ‘a gift from the Soviet Union’, is a prime example of the typical Stalinist ‘wedding cake’ architecture.

Palace of Culture and Science (in Polish: Pałac Kultury i Nauki)

After a quick check on wikipedia, I have just found out that on the statue book under the name Lenin, ‘Stalin’ was plastered over!

The interior of the observation deck at the Palace of Culture and Science.

The interior…

Statues  depicting socialist model workers on Marszałkowska.

On Aleje Jerozolimskie stands the former Communist Party HQ (Dom Partii). In front of this building is an artificial palm tree created by the Polish artist Joanna Rajkowska, called Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue.

The BGK building (the Polish state-run bank)


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