A sunny stay in the Netherlands

Den Haag

A month ago I visited a friend in the Hague, the weather was hot & sunny, perfect for a trip to the beach to Scheveningen!


Rotterdam is home to modern glassy architecture, with wide streets and huge arty museums.

Sonneveld House

This house was designed by Albertus Sonneveld for the architect  and his family, where they moved into when it was built in 1933. There are some quirky features about the house, such as the small fold-down tray outside the master bedroom, which was installed there for the maid to lay the tray of tea & coffee in the mornings.

All the high-rises can make the city feel a bit impersonal, and it was so quiet in parts, which makes you notice how spread-out it feels.


A lovely old town in between the Hague & Amsterdam, it has the Netherlands’ second largest old town after the capital, but without the tacky red-light district! A lot of the streets appear quite similar, so it could be quite easy to walk around in circles, but its definitely an enjoyable experience wandering around the pretty quaint buildings!


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