Once being East Germany’s only theme park, Spreepark, ran into financial difficulties in the late 1990s, which resulted in the closure of the park in 2001. Although this abandoned treasure trove of plastic dinosaurs & creaky rides was sealed off to the public for many years after its closure, this ghost park became an attraction in its own right, with the more adventurous sneaking through the gaps in the fence to gaze in awe at a piece of Berlin that was left behind in the 90s.

In 2011, Spreepark reopened for guided tours along with the park’s train (an East German noisy smelly petrol guzzler no doubt).

The plan of the park.

The first of a few plastic dinosaurs lurking about.

At one point, the train chugs across a swamp – hopefully this wasn’t an original feature of the park!

These creepy rides, which look like a face with a moustache from the front, were left dotted about on the track.

A sure highlight of the park…

The ferris wheel at dusk.

Planterwäld s-bahn station


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  1. Spreepark is amongst my Berlin highlights. I loved the tour and have taken visitors on the Parkbahn.

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