An outsider looking in series

I named the series of books I made on five districts in Hackney Borough, An outsider looking in…

I’m an outsider looking in as I didn’t grow up here, nor did many people who live in London. So it refers to my interpretation of the places, and also the fact that ‘outsiders’ can ‘look in’ with these books.

Quotes about the area are featured on the back cover of each booklet to act in the same way as newspaper reviews, and is also a good place to put them if they don’t fit within the guided story of the area.



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2 responses to “An outsider looking in series

  1. Roy Thompson

    Love your web-site!

  2. James

    Hey –
    Did you ever print multiples of these? I’d love to buy a copy of them if you did – as I think the drawings are absolutely ace.

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