Layout time

The first set of rough layouts for Hoxton.

In parts of Hoxton, it is cluttered, with a clash of different ages, styles in the architecture, the people, and the amenities.

Initial feedback I received that there was no consistent style of layout, and because I intend to have one general style for each book, I would need to address this issue.

I felt that having both colour photographs and colourful illustrations would become too overwhelming and confusing, so I have gone with having black & white photographs alongside the illustrations. This builds up the different elements that exist, which is like the clash of different styles present in Hoxton.

For the Dalston layouts, they need to reflect the loudness and chaotic atmosphere of the area. I have edited the photographs to increase the saturation of them – the colours really need to stand out. I don’t feel that illustration is needed here, as the photos can speak for themselves. The only illustrations I shall include are of places that no longer exist, and of the people I have documented. Their outlines have been drawn instead, which are layered over the photographs.

I now need to consider whether to hand-draw some of the captions, as down Ridley Road Market stand many hand-drawn signs. The typeface needs to be from the 20th century, perhaps somehow reflecting the diverse cultures of the area.

Haggerston is a pretty quiet place, which needs to be reflected in the layout. So subtle colours, sections spaced out well.

For calming layout inspiration, I looked to Sarah Kissell’s design for the Pure Magenta lookbook…

A good way of separating the photographs from the illustrations in my Haggerston book might be by having an index with the small photographs, perhaps at the back.

For the Hoxton layout, layering black & white photographs together might help not interfere with the colourfulness of the illustrations.


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  1. medievalmodernist

    Keep going! It’s really starting to come together now. David

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