A trip to Holland

Over the weekend, a few of us went to stay in Den Haag (The Hague) in Holland, by the sea in the Scheveningen district.

In the city centre…

The city is very bicycle-friendly and feels quite ‘American’ with the overhanging traffic light signals, wide roads and modern buildings.

The beach at Scheveningen.

PannekoekenDutch pancakes!

The interior of the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag.

Some more inspiration for my Rhythm project perhaps?

Robbie Cornelissen’s The Capacious Memory (2011), pencil on paper.

Inspired by the futuristic city scape in the 1927 sci-fi film Metropolis.

Close-up detail of the same drawing.

We also went on a day trip to Amsterdam.

Cute house.

Dusk on the canal…

The minimal interior decoration of a quaint Dutch restaurant, where most of us ate typical Dutch cuisine… vegetables croquettes with apple sauce!

The best way to enjoy Amsterdam – sitting with a beer outside a café…


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