For this set brief, I have to translate a rhythm of my choice into a typographic piece. In my dissertation I wrote about the rhythms of books and the surfaces of buildings – how each of the elements enforce a pattern and guide the viewer.

A couple of quotes relating to rhythm…

When formal elements become part of a texture, they diversify, introducing both repetition and difference… they break up space and give it rhythm.

Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space, 1991, p.150

The orderly repetition or regular alteration of optical similarities or equalities dictates the rhythm of the plastic organisation. In recognising such order one learns when the next eye action is due and what particular neuromuscular adjustment will be necessary to grasp the next unit.

György Kepes, Language of Vision, 1944, p.53

Next, I photographed sections of my flat, and created a map of the floor plan.

Each piece of furniture in my flat has a particular space that it fits into, with smaller objects being arranged so each has its given position.

I noted how movement varies in my flat due to the amount of space between the objects in my flat. Objects fill much of the rooms which means that movement is restricted, how one must go round tight corners and maneuver between furniture.

By the interim crit I had  lots of ideas but no plan of what I actually want to create. I wanted to further explore the relationship between the exterior and interior of buildings, by looking at how how the gridded surfaces of apartment blocks symbolise the gridded-out actions of people’s daily routines.


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