Writing Hackney

Before I settled with the idea of producing information on the history & information about the districts of Hackney, I had a go at writing prose about my experiences of the area. Here’s what I have written so far…

Old Street roundabout is a gateway, well, not so much a gateway, but a swirling whirlpool ready to drag you face forward into East London.

Empty fried chicken boxes and chips are embedded into the pavements of Hoxton… Hot n’ Tender… Tennesee Fried Chicken… CHEAP BOOZE… Dad’s Unisex Hair Salon… Extreme Nails… City Best Kebab Takeaway… CITY SUPERMARKET… QUICK CITY FOOD AND WINES… BEST CITY SUPERMARKET.

Navigating up through to the of Old Street reveals the screaming engines of Kingsland Road. Further east still, wings of concrete swish through the trees as I walk up Colombia Road. A heaving mass of Sunday strollers collide with market trader’s cries.

In De Beauvoir Town rows of inner city-paradise lay by raging angry Kingsland Road. The silence of the quaint terraces cut through with the rustles of wind-blown hedgerows and palm trees.

Kingsland High Street is full of strangers shouting through a vortex of babbling craziness. Shouting melts into a quiet hum here. ‘DARLING! DARLING!’ A man with a bundle of braces pushes to the front of the Oxfam shop till – ‘Darling! I give you £1 for these yes?’

Further north, at the entrance to Gillett Square, a woman attacks a man with a plank of wood whilst the audience attempt to break it up.


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