The view from my hostel window of dawn rising on a Sunday…

Plattenbau in Marzahn…

Plattenbau opposite Ostbahnhof in Friedrichshain.

The Alexa shopping centre near Alexanderplatz.

Heavy industry exists close to the city centre still.

The East German traffic light man Ampelmännchen can be seen!

A journey up Karl-Marx-Allee…

An old symbol of the DDR exhibited in Cafe Sibylle.

A tour of the Stasi prison gave me a chilling insight into how awfully the prisoners were treated – an extreme opposite view of East German life compared to the DDR museum’s displays of egg cups & photographs of nudist holidays.

The entrance to the former Stasi prison.

The block of post-1961 prisoner’s cells.

Prisoner’s cells pre-1961.

Prisoner’s cells post-1961.

On a lighter note… reindeers! Featured in Hamburger Bahnhof’s latest exhibition.

A christmas market between the Kurfüstendamm and Tauentzienstrasse.

Yellow Sunshine in Kreuzburg ( is a vegetarian fast food diner, many of the meals are also vegan too. The portions are big & the prices are small!

Vegan currywurst!

Vegan schnitzel!


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  1. Hello! I also like Plattenbau of Germany. Your Photo are so good !!

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