The finished book!

Here is the finished book containing my dissertation which I handed in just over a week ago. I stayed up all night!

My printer decided to play up the day before hand-in, as it printed out the text in grey, so I had to work with it!

It mostly came together as I had planned it too.

I designed the cover in the style of Le Corbusier’s earlier subtle book covers with block capital titles and a single image, although incorporated with handwriting – throughout the book I have displayed the two opposing styles of Le Corbusier’s earlier Purist and later expressive work together, with ‘traditional’ Didot type and handwriting.

Exposed binding reflecting the architectural mechanical qualities in Le Corbusier’s work.

Colour-coded navigation.

I established different sections of the text with an increasing width of paper, using different colours for navigation, and to represent the ‘movement’ reflected in Le Corbusier’s architecture and books.

Images have been printed on to thick tracing paper and sewn in with the pages.


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One response to “The finished book!

  1. kidlat

    Very interesting indeed! I love to have a copy of this.

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