Book design

I collected a range of papers which are similar in colour to Le Corbusier’s choice, which is shown on the back of the Maison La Roche leaflet. It explains how monochrome was used for the entrance hall and dining room, and polychromy for the gallery, the library, the bedroom, and the ground-floor rooms. When I visited this house and the Villa Savoye, I noticed how the kitchens and bathrooms were always painted in white, and the corridors painted in white and dark blue.

My first go at making a book for my dissertation. I’ve carried on with the idea of displaying movement through different levels of length for each part of the dissertation. I wish to use a different Le Corbusier-related colour to differentiate between the sections.

I’ve been developing a colour system based on the colours used in Le Corbusier’s villas from the main entrance to the roof:

Introduction – white or raw sienna pale

Architecture as book design, book design as architecture (research report) – Paris green

The impact of colour – Burt sienna light

Structure & form – Light blue/deep ultramarine

Tactility & interaction with the audience – Deep ultramarine/brown

Conclusion – Grey/brown (it ties everything together, like the use of these colours do in the villas)

Or maybe I could use combinations of different colour, as Le Corbusier did in the rooms of buildings.

Bibliography – white

I had a go with separating the images from the text, to help develop the contrast of two areas – the interaction between the outside and the inside within Le Corbusier’s architecture, his modernist ideas (plain walls)  and his artistic expression (handwriting in his books).  I used blue paper to go with the images, but I think this method is too ‘clumpy’.

Printing on to transparent paper seems to work a lot better, and works ‘in harmony’ with the text, as Le Corbusier spoke about his work.



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  1. This is awesome Kirsty!

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