I returned from Paris yesterday night, after spending three days there, visiting two of Le Corbusier’s villas and a couple of museums containing his work.

My first stop in Paris was Cité de l’architecture (a museum of architecture), where I happened upon a model apartment of Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation.

Le Corbusier’s L’Homme et l’architecture, Numéro Spécial, Unité d’Habitation à Marseille (1947)

Le Corbusier’s Les Plans de Paris (1956)

Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye (1931) as seen from the entrance to the grounds.

The ramp leading up from the entrance hall to the first floor.

The interplay of many different elements.

Le Corbusier’s Villa La Roche (1925)

The large window Colomina refers to as a film screen, and the integration of private and public space.

Looking up from the entrance hall, all the levels of the house are exposed, and the hall is well-lit from the natural light .


The Villa Savoye is surrounded by trees…

Villa La Roche is overlooked by houses…

Natural light can flood in through the long strip windows of the Villa Savoye

Due to building restrictions, in many of the rooms Le Corbusier had to work with alternatives to long windows, and introduce light from the ceiling…


Blue walls used in a corridor of the Villa Savoye below…

and in Villa La Roche

The ‘private’ space of the bedroom in the Villa Savoye

and in the dressing room of Villa La Roche

In the Musée National d’art Moderne at the Centre Pompidou I came across a room full of Le Corbusier’s work.

Nature morte (1922)

L’Esprit Nouveau (1920-25)



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2 responses to “Paris

  1. kidlat

    thanks for sharing these pictures. i really wanted to see corbusier’s works in person but unfortunately, not in the moment. anyway thanks again.

  2. Katri

    I liked the comparisons, great post!

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