After reading through The Villa Savoye (Jacques Sbriglio, 1997, Birkhäuser & Foundation Le Corbusier), several ideas came to light that are closely related to my experiments:

p.55 ‘[the ramp] forms the very spine of the house.’

p.55 ‘A vertical spatiality that pulls tautly against the horizontal levels spliced together by this ramp.’

p.58 ‘an opposing pull in tension created by the interaction of two very different scales of space.’

Sbriglio talks of the interaction between the interior and the exterior. The use of  natural light and the landscape that can be viewed from the windows.

I’ve been carrying on with the idea of being able to view the text from each side of the book. I cut-out the rectangle in the centre of each page to assert the interaction between the inside and the outside of the book.

When making a cover for these concertina pages, by chance, they worked well tucked in to each concertina set.

Page tucked in?

…or out?


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